Summer Visitors in St. Andrews

Even before I started working in St. Andrews this May, St. Andrews has always been one of my favourite places to visit in New Brunswick, especially in the summertime! There is something special about spending time in a quaint little seaside town, and the novelty of spending the summer in St. Andrews is not aContinue reading “Summer Visitors in St. Andrews”

The Mystery of Victorian Dining Utensils

One of the reasons I am most interested in working as a curator once I am done school, is because every day is different and curators are constantly answering questions and researching new things! In saying that, I love it when I am presented with a question to solve. A few weeks ago, Susan (ourContinue reading “The Mystery of Victorian Dining Utensils”

Shipbuilding in St. Andrews

Recently, we have had four ships brought to Covenhoven (and two more on the way) that were a part of Sir Van Horne’s personal collection. These ships have undergone extensive conservation work, and are now on display through Covenhoven. Ship models have been made since antiquity, and often been perceived as toys, hobbies or craftContinue reading “Shipbuilding in St. Andrews”

Art Inspiration on Ministers Island

Sir William Van Horne was a man of many talents as he had a wide assortment of interests aside from his entrepreneurial endeavours. One of Van Horne’s passions was art, he had his own impressive collection of paintings, which included works by Delacroix, Ribot, Rousseau and Michel to name a few. However, he was notContinue reading “Art Inspiration on Ministers Island”

Join the Hunt! Ministers Island Scavenger Hunt

One of the first projects I decided to undertake this spring was to create a scavenger hunt of the island. For those unfamiliar, a scavenger hunt is an activity where the players have a list of items to find or questions to answer, in this case the players have to explore the property looking forContinue reading “Join the Hunt! Ministers Island Scavenger Hunt”

Archives: Introduction

As a historian one of the most crucial resources that exists is an archive. Have you ever been to an archive? Do you know what an archive is? An Archive is a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or a group of people. These documents are referred to asContinue reading “Archives: Introduction”